Chemical Peeling Services

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Your facial skin directly fights with pollution and harmful UV rays of sunlight daily. This fight kills the skin cells on the upper layer of your face. Which is why your skin starts looking dull and old. This condition also makes facial lines more visible to the naked eye.

With correct cosmetic and medical treatments, anyone can get the facial glow back. Chemical peeling has become really popular in fighting with dull skin cells on a face. TAJMEEL offers chemical peeling services in Abu Dhabi with different kinds of chemical peels. Our qualified practitioner evaluates your skin and recommends the most effective chemical peel for your face. Hence, you receive fresher skin and a natural glow on your face in a single session.

Exceptional Benefits of Our Chemical Peeling Services

The process of a chemical peel removes the dead skin layer and allows a fresh skin to come to the facial surface. This is why our services are admired as anti-aging aesthetic treatments as well. The problems of pigmentation reduce, and your face becomes free of acne scarring. All these benefits become possible with the doctor and professionals we have on our team.

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A chemical peel is exactly what the name suggests – a chemical used to peel the skin! This treatment is extremely popular for both men and women in the medical and cosmetic industry and is used to resurface and exfoliate the skin. Sloughing off dead skin reveals newer, fresher skin for anti-ageing purposes to give you a radiant glow, and can also help to reduce the appearance of some pigmentation concerns or acne scarring.

There are a range of facial chemical peels available at Tajmeel, for every skin condition including safe peels for darker skin tones. At Tajmeel Aesthetics, a qualified practitioner or Doctor will assess your skin type and desired outcome to correctly choose the right chemical peel for you.

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