Cosmetic surgeon in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Everyone wants to look their best and now you can – with a little help from the experts.
Our team at Tajmeel possesses extensive knowledge and expertise, and wide clinical experience which cover the full range of Cosmetic Surgery, specializing in sophisticated, highly-skilled procedures and techniques. Our expert Cosmetic surgeons use all the latest evidence-based treatments to address the full range of body issues for all age groups who want to learn how best to look after their skin. Cosmetic surgery is a specialized practice in which standard plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, hair transplant, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift surgery and many more are exploited for cosmetic improvements. Over the years, cosmetic surgery techniques and practices have won enormous popularity and acceptance in Abu Dhabi. Contrary to the common perception people have when they hear of surgery, most cosmetic procedures involve non-invasive and minor “lunchtime” surgeries which one can undergo and go home the same day.
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