Dr. Abdul Rahman Tahhan
الدكتور عبد الرحمن طحان

General Practitioner
طبيب أسنان عام

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Dr. Abdul Rahman Tahhan

Graduated from ajman university in 2018 , followed by a year of internship , at the same time I had the opportunity to work in the prosthodontic department for a year and half as a clinical assistant and tutor for the students with their patients in this field, during which I gained extra knowledge and expertise in this field , also was permanent doctor responsible for the emergency dental clinic in the university .

Worked in the vip clinic to fulfill my personal patients treatments and dental needs , which I had my freedom working different cases of my own .

Took a professional diploma in advanced aesthetics, for a year ,originated from Genova university . which opened the path for me to work with many different aesthetic cases, regarding veneers, crowns and bridges and various prosthetic restorations, aesthetic fillings and restoration , laser application in dentistry , plus a fellowship from the university .

Took a professional advanced endodontic diploma, originated from Turin university, to manage different cases of root canal cases, problem solving and overcoming various difficulties in this expertise , plus a fellowship from the university.

  • Bachelor Degree - DDs, Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • Professional Diploma in - Advanced Aesthetics
  • Professional Diploma in - Advanced Endodontics
  • Trends in Facial Aesthetics - Botox and Fillers
  • Diploma in implantology - Implant previlege
  • Restorative
  • Endodontic
  • Implant
  • Facial aesthetics and periodontics
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