Dr. Ritika Kriplani
الدكتوره ريتيكا كيشور كريبلاني

Specialist Pedodontist
أخصائيه طب الاسنان للأطفال

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Dr. Ritika Kriplani

Dr. Ritika Kriplani is a Specialist Pedodontist in Tajmeel Dental center Al Kharama.

With over 11 years of experience in pediatric dentistry she is an expert in handling oral health of children and adolescents.

Dr. Ritika's passion and commitment of treating children have ensured that many kids have received quality dental treatment.

She has special interest in:

  • Behavior Management of children with regards to oral care
  • Treating medically compromised and special need children with General, Local Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation.
  • Aesthetic rehabilitation of highly mutilated teeth

She is an excellent orator and been presenting papers at various domestic platforms and National and international Conferences and also chaired a scientific session.

Dr Ritika has co- authored the book "Current Status of Proinflammatory Cytokines in Periodontal Disease and During Periodontal Therapy". She has also published many articles in pediatric Oral health which has been published in National and international journals on Pediatric dentistry.

B.D.S. , M.D.S. - Master of Dental Surgery (Pedodontics) from Sharad Pawar Dental College & Hospital (DMIMS DU, Nagpur), Maharashtra, India

Pediatric Endodontic procedures like Apexogenesis, Apexification.
Single sitting Root canal therapy Expertise in administering Conscious Sedation using Nitrous Oxide- Oxygen Sedation.
Pediatric minor oral surgical procedures.
Management of traumatic injuries; Intentional re-plantation & endodontic surgeries in children and adolescents
Single sitting Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy procedures
Expertise in treating medically compromised and special care needs children under General and Local anaesthesia.
Expertise in handling of Uncooperative, apprehensive to phobic children & adolescents including special needs children.
Expertise in various anterior aesthetic crown procedures along with fiber post in mutilated teeth of very young child
Extensive experience in diagnosing dental problems and conditions in pediatric and adolescent patients.
Expertise in Crown & bridges (PFM, and metal free crowns etc.) inlays & Onlays,Veneers & Laminates
Cosmetic dentistry Esthetic rehabilitation

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