Dr. Shereefa Abdul Rahiman
الدكتوره شريفة عبد الرحمن

Specialist - Pediatric Dentistry
أخصائيه طب الاسنان للأطفال

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Dr. Shereefa Abdul Rahiman

Dr. Shereefa is an Pediatric Specialist. Dr. Shereefa had rendered her services proficiently in providing restorative and preventive dental care for children. She is well-versed in handling challenging Pediatric aesthetic dentistry. She is experienced in handling special cases like Oral care for disabled (handicapped) patients, Total oral rehabilitation, Management of traumatic injuries to the teeth in children etc.

B.D.S, M.D.S (Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry)

Caries prevention (Anticipatory guidance, fluorides, fissure sealants, remineralization etc)
Restorative dentistry including stainless steel crowns
Minimally invasive dentistry(MID)
Pediatric endodontics (pulpotomy, pulpectomy, apexogensis apexification regeneration endodontics etc)
Preventive and Interceptive orthodontics.(space maintainers, habit correction, crossbite corrections, growth modifications etc)
Pediatric esthetic dentistry
Prevention and Management of Early Childhood Caries (ECC)
Total oral rehabilitation
Oral care for disabled (handicapped) patients
Management of traumatic injuries to the teeth in children
Endodontic treatment
Treatment under conscious sedation
Treatment under general anesthesia

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