There is a common stereotypical thought that orthodontics is only for younger people. Why is that?

Dr Hani Dalati, Consultant Orthodontics: Treating the malocclusion while the patient is growing allows the orthodontist to take advantage of the growth and the growth-spurt to correct the bony jaws relationship as well as the dental occlusion. For adults, as there is no growth left, complicated surgery was needed to deal with that part, while orthodontics fix the misaligned teeth.

However, the discovery of the Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) and dento-alveolar compensation techniques allowed some dento-alveolar camouflage treatments for adult patients.

Why should adults get orthodontic treatment?

Dr Dalati: Orthodontic treatment has many benefits such as nice alignment of teeth, levelled-up gingival margins, improved profile and facial harmony, attractive smile and lip line, and centred occlusion and bite. This will make it easier to clean, resulting in less abnormal pressure on the joints, healthier mouth and gums and an attractive smile. While other benefits are less noticeable as straight smile for example, it can enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence.

NOTE: On Gulf News , September 12, 2019

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