Why choose implants instead of other restorative solutions, like dentures?

Dr Shrey Pandya, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: Each has its own importance. Dentures don’t seem to slowdown the process of physiological bone resorption, which leads to loosening of the remaining teeth and further tooth loss in future. This is obviously in addition to how conscious a patient gets when dentures get unstable in social functions. Anything that is stable will always earn more trust. That being said, not all cases are implant-ideal.

What are the modern advancements in oral maxillofacial surgery that have helped you and your patients?

Dr Pandya: Technologies such as CBCT planning and imaging — 3D view of the jaws help in guiding a precision-oriented treatment. Being quite handy, it is now possible to deliver confident and predictable outcomes. At Tajmeel Dental Center, we have the latest technologies and equipment to deliver expertise and high-end patient care. We do complex treatments, including full-mouth rehabilitations, complex surgical extractions, dento-alveolar surgeries, maxillofacial cysts and benign tumours, facial trauma and temporomandibular joint and other jaw abnormalities.

NOTE: On Gulf News , September 12, 2019

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